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Ghosts and Gangsters Tour of Ft. Lauderdale

The Original Ghost and Gangster Tour


Go beyond the fun in the  sun and sand of Ft. Lauderdale and team up with the local experts to learn more about the darker side of the city's rich history. The 'Ghosts and Gangsters of Fort Liquordale' is the Premier Ghost and History Tour of South Florida!
Tales of murder and mayhem, the Cooley Landing Massacre, Rum Runners of old Fort Lauderdale to the 'spirits' of our founding fathers as well as the legends of the New River, make for a fun evening! 

Learn about South Florida's gangster history from Al Capone and Prohibition to the modern "Cocaine Cowboys". Prohibition gave rise to the rum runners and "bootleggers" of the 1920's. Fort Lauderdale, with her ocean access, miles of canals, and close proximity to the Bahamas, she became a smuggler's paradise. During the tour, you will hear stories of founding families behaving badly and leading up to the bloody rise and fall of the 70's and 80's  modern day 'Cocaine Cowboys'.

Your guide is a historical expert, who has done the research necessary to bring the most entertaining yet factual tour possible. Your guide goes beyond "rumors" or "legend has it" to bring the real history to life. Truth is always stranger than fiction and we have the stories to prove it. 

This tour also takes you to haunted homes and businesses, including a hotel proprietor who still roams the halls of his establishment, the spirit of a little girl who haunts the banks of the river, including a "ghost busting" story, and so much more.

You will learn the history of spring break, the coining of the phrase "Fort Liqourdale", visit the site of both planned and unplanned deaths, and more interesting morsels that make Fort Lauderdale such a unique and interesting city.

Come join us for the most fun and entertaining
History and Ghost tour of Fort Lauderdale!
Some material may not be suitable for small children.
Young children (16 and under) must be accompanied by an Adult.

Aprx. 1 1/2 - 2 hour walking tour. $25 pp



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The tour meets at
Briny's Riverfront Pub
under the Andrew's Ave. bridge on the New River
305 S. Andrews Ave
Ft. Lauderdale Fla.



7 PM Nightly
Reservations Required
Please Call


Historic Fort Lauderdale Walking Tour

  Boats along the historic New River of downtown Fort Lauderdale

Boats along the historic New River of downtown Fort Lauderdale

This leisurely walking tour takes you along the beautiful Riverwalk along the New River of downtown Fort Lauderdale. You will enjoy hearing the history of Fort Lauderdale, from her early beginnings with the Native Americans, to the Spanish and finally Americans who settled along the banks of the New River. You will find the answer to the question "Where is the fort in Fort Lauderdale", how the New River got her name, and the rich and complex history of Fort Lauderdale.


About Us

The Ghosts & Gangsters Tour is the latest tour concept from the infamous Strange True Tours of New Orleans.
History experts Jeffrey Holmes and Jane Dekovitch have extensively researched the local history in order to create
a fun, entertaining look at Ft. Lauderdale's history and the incredible men and women who shaped this unique sea side city.. 

Strange True Tours began in 2011 as the brainchild of Jeffrey Holmes and his partner Jane Dekovitch.
They saw the need for a smaller, boutique-type tour operation that could be historically accurate,
yet fun and entertaining; a tour that had smaller groups for a better guest experience. Thus "Strange True Tours of New Orleans" was born.  The "Strange Tour" delves into the quirky and unusual history of this amazing city, from cross dressing royalty to a madam with a key to the city, to what K-Paul's and Lucky Dogs have in common. The "Strange True" tour goes into the "sex drugs and rock n roll" that has made New Orleans such an incredible city to visit.

Our Fort Lauderdale operation will take you along the New River for our
infamous Ghost and Gangsters of Fort Liquordale tour. This tour explores the rich and varied history of the New River and how the riverfront gave rise to the city of Fort Lauderdale. The New River has always been heart of Ft Lauderdale from early days of Natives and early settlers, to rum runners and smugglers, to mega yachts to kayaks. The New River is the setting for much of the early history to modern current events, it is a must see while visiting Ft Lauderdale. 

In New Orleans, our walking tours will take you around the French Quarter, into one of our above ground cemeteries,
or even further into the Mafia history and even the JFK conspiracy among other unusual subjects. Visit the American  Sector of the Garden District or dive deeper into the strong women who shaped New Orleans. Strange True Tours can also do boutique tours of the other neighborhoods such as the Marigny/Bywater, to Treme, or we can tailor a custom tour for you and your groups needs.

For Walking tours in New Orleans or Fort Lauderdale, go with the experts!
We make history fun!

Jeffrey Holmes is the local expert on all things mafia and vice related. He has spent years researching and collecting information and artifacts on the New Orleans and South Florida mafia. Jeffrey has spoken at the JFK Assassination Conference in Dallas and is the official tour guide for the annual Lee Harvey Oswald conference in New Orleans. He has had numerous researchers, authors, and historians such as producer Adam McKay, actor Kurtwood "Red" Smith from "That 70's Show", Melissa Marr NYT best selling author, and celebrities such as Scott Putesky aka Daisy Burkowitz from the band "Marilyn Manson" on his tours. 


Jane Dekovitch is a historian and expert on French and Bourbon Family history. Jane has conducted tours for several museums, is trained tour guide from the Louisiana State Museum system, and has been leading tours for several years through the streets of New Orleans and Fort Lauderdale. Jane also has written and conducted tours for such specialties as "women's history", French Quarter of New Orleans, and historical tour of Fort Lauderdale and the New River. 

 The New river Inn and Museum, One of the most Haunted buildings in South Florida!

The New river Inn and Museum, One of the most Haunted buildings in South Florida!

Private Tours

No group too big or too small.
Corporate functions, Bachelorette groups, Private family tour,
Privacy issues, Family reunions, we can handle any type of function.
Daytime Historic tours, Our infamous Ghosts & Gangsters tour, Full Ghost tour,

We can meet your needs!
Private tours are a great way of having a personalized experience, tailored to your interests and needs. Private tours are the best way to have a custom experience tailored to your needs. Your tour can be customized for you and your group interests and needs, from tailoring to accommodate time, mobility issues, or topics, your tour will be your own unique experience. Private tours offer you the ability to have the tour experience you want, with the personalization you need to make this tour your own.

Below is the cast of Chicago Fire on a private tour with Jeffrey in New Orleans.


Cast of "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago PD" #chicagofire #cf97


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