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The Ghosts & Gangsters Tour is the latest tour concept from the infamous Strange True Tours of New Orleans.
History experts Jeffrey Holmes and Jane Dekovitch have extensively researched the local history in order to create a fun, entertaining look at Ft. Lauderdale's history and the incredible men and women who shaped this unique sea side city.. 
Strange True Tours began in 2011 as the brainchild of Jeffrey Holmes and his partner Jane Dekovitch.
They saw the need for a smaller, boutique-type tour operation that could be historically accurate, yet fun and entertaining; a tour that had smaller groups
for a better guest experience. Thus "Strange True Tours of New Orleans" was born. 
The "Strange Tour" delves into the quirky and unusual history of this amazing city, from cross dressing royalty to a madam with a key to the city, 
and into the "sex drugs and rock n roll" that has made New Orleans such an incredible city to visit.

Our Fort Lauderdale operation will take you along the New River for our infamous
Ghost and Gangsters of Fort Liquordale tour. This tour explores the rich and varied history of the New River and how the riverfront gave rise to the
city of Fort Lauderdale. The New River has always been heart of Ft Lauderdale from early days of
Natives and early settlers, to rum runners and smugglers, to mega yachts and kayaks.
The New River is the setting for much of the early history to modern current events, it is a must see while visiting Ft Lauderdale. 

For Walking tours in New Orleans or Fort Lauderdale, go with the experts!
We make history fun!


Historian Jane

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Jane Dekovitch or better known as Historian Jane, 
has a history degree from USC,
is a historian and expert on French and Bourbon Family history,
Military history and American history.
Historian Jane has conducted tours for museums from California and Louisiana
to Kentucky and Florida. She is trained tour guide from the
Louisiana State Museum system, and has been leading tours for several years through the streets of New Orleans and Fort Lauderdale.
Historian Jane also has written and conducted tours for Strange True tours as well as created tours for other tour companies.
She is a Veteran of the US Air Force and served in Desert Storm.

Jeffrey Holmes 


Jeffrey Holmes is the local New Orleans expert on all things mafia and vice related.
He has spent years researching and collecting information and artifacts
on the New Orleans and South Florida mafia.
Jeffrey has spoken at the JFK Assassination Conference in Dallas and is the official tour guide for the annual Lee Harvey Oswald conference in New Orleans.
He has lectured for the Ft. Lauderdale Historical Society, the Ft. L CVB to
the Sons of the American Revolution.
He has had numerous researchers, authors, and historians from the
Smithsonian Institute to the University of New Orleans
and even NY Times best selling author Melissa Marr.

Celebrity guests include Director/ Producer Adam McKay,
actor Kurtwood "Red" Smith from "That 70's Show",
Scott Putesky aka Daisy Berkowitz from the band "Marilyn Manson",
the cast of Chicago Fire, Robbie Rist from The Brady Bunch and more on his tours. 

 Historian Jane on tour.

Historian Jane on tour.