Ghosts and Gangsters October and Halloween Updates

Get Your Halloween On!

Fall time in South Florida means the 90’s give way to the upper 80’s, thoughts go to pumpkin spice everything, candy, costumes, and ghosts!

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Looking for something different for your Halloween/October plans? Take our Ghost and Gangster tour! Hear the chilling tales of hauntings from massacres, suicides, accidents, and even a ghost busting story on a local legend. The stories you will hear includes real documented paranormal hauntings as well as tales from first hand sources. You will also hear about the real monsters of the “Cocaine Cowboys” and the trail of bloodshed left in their wake.

Want something more personal? Try a private tour with Rev Master Jeffrey and his lovely assistant, Historian Jane! Your tour will be a near two hour experience including a handmade Voodoo doll made by Rev Master Jeffrey as well as complimentary spirits to set the tone. The private tour is hand tailored to your desires, want more ghosts or move gangsters? Your bespoke tour will be hand crafted so you may have the bespoke experience that you deserve. Call Rev Master Jeffrey at 504-258-0760 to get more information or to save your spot! Limited available $150 per couple $250 for four people for your personal experience.

Our expanded schedule for October means more chances to learn about the Haunted History of Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale has an active paranormal nightlife that rivals the night life of the living, partying it up just a couple of blocks away. Our October schedule now includes weekdays as well as weekends. Check our schedule to see what days are available. We are also offering our fall special now through November,when you book online through our website. Enter “Fall” in the coupon line to receive Two Adult Tickets for only $35!

Join us for a spiritual night you won’t soon forget!

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Historian Jane

Historian Jane is a lifelong lover of all things history, as well as being an Honorably Discharged Veteran of the USAF (Gulf War Vet). Jane brings a diverse background to bring the people and events of the past alive. Historian Jane is an accomplished horsewoman, yarn hoarder, who if not riding, knitting/crocheting, probably is buried in a book in some exotic location.